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Vibrations is our meditation moment; complex, dry, tropical, spicy, without losing the salinity and elegance of the “albariza”; a surprise from the known records of the “palomino” grape. Its grapes come from “Miraflores Alta”, an abandoned plot that we were able to recover that is located in the most valued part of this historical “pago”, facing west, to the ocean, and “lustrillos” and “lentejuela” chalky soils two meters deep. 2016 was vinified in an old barrel of “amontillado”, giving it a unique character. 2017 is vinified in a French oak barrel.

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100% “old palomino”. Vineyards of 50 years.


“Viña Miraflores Alta”, in “Pago Miraflores”. 0.7 hectares. Calcareous soils of “lustrillos” and “lentejuela” chalky soils two meters deep.


Biodynamic and ecological. Superficial work of green floors and covers.

Average yield:

5000-8000 kg/hectare


Fermented in pots and vinified in old “Manzanilla” and “Amontillado” boots or Bordeaux barrels (depending on the vintage) for 9-10 months. Spontaneous fermentation; without rectification of any kind. Minimum initial sulphite. Work on lees. Without filtering or cold stabilize. Rinse with low intensity bentonite from 2018.

Bottle production:

2016: 720 bottles
2017: 580 bottles
2018: 810 bottles


<8mg/litre of sulphites.

Jancis Robinson MW (Financial Times)

“It is tempting to wonder which wines currently being launched on the market may develop massive reputations, and even become cult wines. I would like to nominate the Andalusian wines of Muchada-Léclapart“.

Luis Gutierrez – Robert Parker – (Spain)

“I loved the 2017 Lumière, that somehow made me think of the white topped-up wines from Jean-François Ganevat in the Jura, with a superb palate, round and balanced.”

Sarah Jeans Evans. Master of Wine (England)

“The bonus (of Lumière 2018) is that without the usual influence of flor or solera, you can taste the terroir…. A delicately honeyed wine with drifts of jasmine and a clean, saline finish“.

Rene Langdahl. Wine journalist (Denmark)

“Can one describe a landscape, a mood, best by meticulous and naturalistic artistic reproduction? I doubt it, but they are impressionists. They have transferred the insane glare from chalk-white soils under a cloudless but seagull-subdued sky and saline sea breezes to the bottle.”

Julia Harding. Master of Wine (England)

“2018 Lumière is incredibly long and satisfying. Even with so much intrigue and complexity, the fruit is lovely. Persistent, tantalising finish. I’m grasping for words…”

James Goode. Wine journalist (England)

2018 Lumière is Such concentration here with a lovely mineral streak and notes of crystalline lemons, a slight salinity, and a bright acid line under everything. Has great concentration and precision.”

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