Dan Keeling. Director of Noble Rot Magazine (England)


Published on Noble Rot (March, 2022)

In March 2022 we received the team from Noble Rot, one of the most prominent magazines in the world, which has become popular for its professionalism and its contemporary and young approach. The new wave of unfortified white wines from Marco de Jerez led them to want to visit the region, being surprised by the quality and maturity of the movement. Among its selection of the five best white wines in the area, we can find Lumière 2018 and Univers 2019.

Dan Keeling tells us about this and much more in the report where we appear together with other greats from the area such as Willy Pérez (Luis Pérez winery) and Ramiro Ibáñez (Cota 45), baptizing us as the “Yeastie Boys” – the Yeast boys. (of the flower)-.

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