The wines

We are the soul of the Sherry Area: Albariza soils and Palomino grape in its purest form.

All Muchada-Léclapart wines are single-plot and come exclusively from their vineyards cultivated using biodynamic agriculture. They only produce around 15,000 bottles a year.

Muchada-Léclapart’s commitment is to make dry vintage white wines, without flower veil and without fortification with added alcohol, that is, far from the tradition of Marco de Jerez. All the complexity and reflection is done in the vineyard.

In the cellar, the purest and simplest expression is sought: the “albariza” soil and the palomino grape without makeup. In this way the terroir is clearly shown: the unique sapidity and salinity of the “albariza” soils, and the elegance and subtlety of the Palomino and Moscatel grape.

The different references come from the work by plots (each wine comes from a plot), from the “Palomino” and “Moscatel” varieties, and the vinification methods: direct pressing or maceration.

our wines