Minimal intervention winemaking

There is no recipe for happiness. Excellence is the sum of infinite and delicate details

In the cellar, all the details count for Muchada-Léclapart. They concentrate meticulously to avoid spoiling the incoming raw material. The first decision is fundamental: the moment of harvesting the grapes, which seeks to maintain the tension and balance of a good maturation for a dry white wine. After deciding on the day, the harvest begins, which is collected manually first thing in the morning, to prevent the grapes from heating up and it is directly pressed with a careful Champagne press that gently extracts the juice from the clusters for four hours.

Subsequently, everything is designed to minimize movements, since every time the wine moves, it loses qualities. Thus, fermentation begins spontaneously without adding selected yeasts or acids, just a minimal amount of sulphur (less than 10% of the usual), and they are left on their lees for nine months without any touching.

Finally, it is bottled without filtering or cold stabilizing, to maintain all of its nuances and aromas. All the bottles have sediments, so it is advisable to keep the bottle in an upright position two weeks before tasting it, open it without shaking it and decant it if possible. The ideal service temperature is not very cold: 13-14ºC