Biodynamic agriculture and vigneron making

Great wines are made in the vineyard

Muchada-Léclapart proudly consider themselves as “vignerons”, winegrowers based on traditional good practices and in the understanding of the rhythms of the soil and the vineyard. They work all of their vineyards in biodynamics and organic farming, currently in transition towards certification.

They permanently seek the promotion of living soils with minimal intervention in tillage, prohibiting the use of rotavators which they consider that kill the soils and inflate grapes with water. They also do not use herbicides or pesticides. In contrast, they manage the soil with surface plows, with animal traction and small tractors that allow maintaining the layers of soil microorganisms. They do not use chemical fertilizers, and the amounts of compost they use are minimal, in the understanding that the plant must seek its food, and the farmer must feed the soil.

All these considerations lead to a balanced production of “palomino”, which can be very productive but in our goal to achieve quality and concentration, we usually obtain between 5000 and 8000 kg / hectare on average (one third of the usual production in the area) . This allows showing the character and subtle elegance of the well-worked “palomino” grape, and the unique identity of each plot.