Darren Smith. Journalist of Decanter (England)


Published on Decanter Magazine (Febrary, 2022)

Darren Smith is one of the leading journalists for Latin America and Spain in the prestigious Decanter magazine. In addition, he represents a generational change, not only because of his age, but also because of his appreciation of wines with minimal intervention. In his two articles published in 2021 for Decanter, one focused on non-fortified wines in the Jerez region, and another showing the general panorama of new trends in Spain, he has placed our Lumière 2018 wine at the top of white wines Spanish contemporaries, awarding him 97 points.

Lumière 2018

LUMIÈRE 2018 (97 points): Old, low-yielding vines on albariza soil from a biodynamically farmed plot in the pago Miraflores in Sanlúcar. Muchada-Léclapart puts a huge amount of effort into farming, learning from the old generation of Sanlúcar viticultors to produce Palomino of the highest quality, which he expertly transforms into the most pure and crystalline of wines.

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