James Goode. Wine journalist (England)

Published in Wineanorak.com (November, 2020)

James Goode is one of the most appreciated wine journalists globally, with very direct communication. In one of his articles on his Wineanorak blog, published in November 2020, he dedicates several paragraphs to our project, stating “Muchada-Léclapart is based in the country of sherry, but makes still wines. And they are really good. ”

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We share your tasting notes for our 2018 vintage:

Lumière 2018

Such concentration here with a lovely mineral streak and notes of crystalline lemons, a slight salinity, and a bright acid line under everything. Has great concentration and precision. Layers of flavour here with great precision and purity. Really beautiful showing purity and minerality. 96 points

Elixir 2018

Astonishing nose of table grapes and lemons with lots of personality. The palate is concentrated and fresh with a lovely acid line, showing minerals, spice, lemons and spice. Such a multimensional wine that’s playful on the nose but serious on the palate. Quite brilliant. 95 points

Univers 2018

This is beautifully focused and mineral and saline with lovely precision. Very fine, fresh and salty with lovely mineral intensity. Such precision with a long finish. Has vitality. 94 points