Summer 2020 Newsletter

Autumn has arrived. The light is bending, softening. Temperatures are dropping, removing hardness from the soils, which are increasing their microbiological activity. The vine is collecting on itself, beginning its hibernation, and taking the last reserves that will help it in the sprouting of the next year. The first leaves begin to fall, taking on brown and reddish colors, and the sage goes towards the roots. The earth begins to inspire. It is time to work it, to open it and oxygenate it, and to support it with a good biodynamic compost, which only aspires to promote the life of the soil – not to feed the plant, which must fight and associate with the rhizomes and microorganisms, to absorb the items you need-. The more alive our soils are, the more complexity and identity we will have.

Gone are the 2020 harvest. A very special vintage, this unique year, socio-economically with COVID, and atmospheric, with a beautiful spring, radiant skies, almost aware of the absence of airplanes and pollution, and a very hot summer, from the east. We had very high temperatures in June, a July without respite from hot winds, and an August with mild temperatures and thermal shocks, which made the harvest date extend to the end of August.

The moment of the harvest is essential in our search for a balanced and optimal ripening, which gets the most out of the palomino grape. Our position near the coast in Sanlúcar, and in Pago Miraflores, and our orientation to the west, helps us to find that point of maturation, without increasing excessively in alcoholic degrees. Our biodynamic work with silica preparations helps the vine to finish its ripening cycle.

The production has been very small, almost half that of 2018. We think the quality is very good, and that they will give a very unique vintage. In addition, this 2020 we are celebrating 4 years of transition, and if all goes well, it could be our first vintage with organic certification.

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