Spring 2020 Newsletter

Last Saturday, spring ended; the Sun has left Taurus and is hovering over Gemini, according to our biodynamic reference calendar by Pierre Masson. Nature has given us a rainy spring that we needed after a very dry year and a half. The light and the skies have been brighter than ever, possibly thanks to the respite we’ve given it in confinement.

It has been a very special few months of recollection and exclusive concentration on work in the vineyard, since many visits and trips were paralyzed. We take this opportunity to wish you from here that you are healthy and that this pandemic has affected your loved ones and your work as little as possible.

Rainy springs generate more work in the vineyard, as there is greater growth of grasses and a greater proliferation of diseases. In addition, the work of the soil also requires special attention, seeking after each heavy rain to re-oxygenate it with superficial tasks, such as if we were kneading a bread dough and we would like to keep its yeasts alive.

This year, moreover, the budding was two weeks earlier, since it had not rained yet, and the plant being weak, had less patience and less strength to endure its emergence into the light. Our vineyards were less affected by this process since we carried out very short prunings in anticipation of drought and in the search for balance with our way of working the soil, which is always minimal, on the surface and without rotation, to maintain the layers of microorganisms. As we always say: living soils, living wines!

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