Douro – Jerez Tasting

Only for members of the Lumière Wine Club

Douro – Jerez Tasting

Douro is another landmark, with a majestic landscape and a history similar to Jerez and Porto. With references such as Dirk Nieport, who has collaborated in the Marco de Jerez, Douro-Porto is outlined as a reference for the Marco de Jerez and its white wines. We will thus organize a tasting where we will learn from their experience, with its history and richness of soils and varieties.

(35 euros / Person) 12 people *

* Reservations will be made in strict order of arrival after the call. The person who has not already participated in any activity will have priority, since the capacity has been reduced, and we want all the members of the Club to be able to participate in at least one activity.


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